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Prometech Group runs two companies: Prometech Software, Inc. develops simulation software products based on computational science. GDEP Solutions, Inc. builds computational infrastructures for High Performance Computing (HPC) with parallel computing technologies.

Simulation technology is the "power to predict the future" deductively from known governing rules.

On the other hand, AI is a technology that inductively finds governing rules from a set of data. AI is, so to speak, the "power to analyze". Furthermore, visualization technology conveys the results of computation in a way that is easy for everyone to understand, and this is the "power to communicate".

By fusing these three fields of technology into one, we can realize what we call "Computational Reality," a "virtual space" where countless options can be tried out and experienced in various ways on a computer. HPC technology supports this world of "Computational Reality" behind the scenes. Only with HPC technology, which performs advanced computation at high speed, can "Computational Reality" become a tool that can be utilized in the real world.

Prometech Group continues to take on the challenge of implementing "Computational Reality" in society by combining the expertise of each company in the group.

Prometech Group Driving force

Prometech Group Business Domain

Based on core technologies such as simulation, visualization, HPC and AI, Prometech Group aims to be a company that continues to create products that customers trust and find exciting in the industrial fields including manufacturing.

CAE Software Business

  • R&D and Sales of CAE software
  • CFD and DEM analysis consulting service
  • Visualization & movie creation service

HPC & Visualization Business

  • HPC & Visualization solutions
  • R&D and sales of HPC service
  • HPC community management

GPU Platform Business

  • GPU hardware product sales and rental
  • Cloud infrastructure sales

Computer Graphics Research

  • Research on computer graphics, visualization of natural objects and phenomena.
  • Academic activity: papers, conference presentation.

Prometech Simulation Conference(PSC)
Prometech Group Annual Conference
Contributing to Manufacturing and Technology Innovation

Since the first event in 2012, we have invited people who are active in the front lines of industry and academia to present the latest research on simulation and case studies of simulation applications in the automotive, chemical, materials, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries by users of our analysis software "Particleworks" and "Granuleworks". In addition, we have received lectures from researchers specializing in the latest research on the development of various physical models to improve the accuracy of particle method simulations and to expand the fields of application.

This conference is held annually as the entire Prometech Group event, with the aim of contributing to technological innovation in manufacturing by providing the latest information on GPU hardware platforms that are used in all fields, including simulation, massive data processing and AI.

Affilated Event
GPU UNITE - GPU Technology Event -

GPU UNITE provides the latest information on NVIDIA GPUs, as well as the latest technologies and research in AI, simulation, HPC, and other areas that utilize GPUs.

This event is held annually with the cooperation of leading experts in various fields, as an event that leads to the development of hardware and the revitalization of the technologies surrounding them.

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