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Message from Group CEO

You and simulations have the power to change the world.

Prometech Group is an industry-academia collaborative venture that strives for the research, development, and practical application of cutting-edge simulation technology. At the same time, we are a comprehensive solution provider that delivers "new value of simulation" to industry and society.

It is well known that simulation is widely used in advanced design of automobiles and aircrafts, and beautiful "computer graphics" in movies and games are in fact nothing but "optical simulation. And "AI," which has become a major trend in recent years, can be described as "simulation using a mathematical model that simulates the brain. All of these have in common the methodology of "solving mathematical equations with a computer. Simulation is an important fundamental technology that supports modern society with unlimited possibilities.

Since its founding in 2004, Prometech Group has focused on developing simulation technology, based on study at university, into CAE software used by industry around the world.

Prometech was also the first company in the world to successfully utilize GPUs in the CAE field, paving the way for users who cannot afford expensive large computers to take advantage of simulation. Today, Prometech Group continues to take on the challenge of bringing together the expertise of all group companies to make the power of simulation more widely available to society.

FUJISAWA Toshimitsu

Prometech Group, Inc. Founder, Chairman and Group CEO

Company Profile

Trade namePrometech Group, Inc.
Board memberRepresentative Director, Chairman and President
FUJISAWA Toshimitsu
[Group CEO]

Executive Vice President
SUZUKI Takahiko
[Group CFO]

Outside Director
[Professor, The University of Tokyo /
Inventor of Moving Particle Simulation(MPS) Method, Simulation Quality Assurance]

Outside Director
OKAMOTO Shinichi
[Former CTO, Sony Computer Entertainment]
AuditorYOSHIMURA Ryugo
[​Lawyer, Kensei Law Offices]
Date of EstablishmentOct 1, 2023
Capital Stock100 million yen
Major ShareholderFUJISAWA Toshimitsu
Prometech Software Employee Stock Ownership Association
Prometech Software collaborating researcher stock ownership association
Location[Head Office]
Hongo Dai-ichi Building, 8F, 34-3, Hongo 3-chome,Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
TEL:+81-3-5842-4082 FAX:+81-3-5842-4123

Group Companies/ Research & Community

Prometech Software, Inc.
・R&D and sales of CAE software
・Consulting service in Computational Fluid Dynamics and powder analysis
・HPC & Visualization solution service,Movie production services

GDEP Solutions, Inc.
・Sales and rental of GPU hardware products
・Sales of cloud service and hardware infrastructure
・GPU venture creation project
URL: https://gdep-sol.co.jp

Particleworks Europe S.r.l.
・Distributor network management in Europe
・Marketing support and software support service to distributors
URL: https://particleworks-europe.com

Prometech CG research
・Academic research in computer graphics, visualization of natural objects and phenomena, and lighting simulation
URL: https://www.prometech.co.jp/cgresearch.html

・A cutting-edge community that creates a new era of HPC, centered on the NVIDIA HPC SDK and OpenACC
URL: https://hpcworld.jp


As of October 2023


Please find below a map and directions to our head office.

Head Office Location [Tokyo,Japan]
Hongo Dai-ichi Building, 8F, 34-3, Hongo 3-chome,Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
TEL:+81-3-5842-4082 FAX:+81-3-5842-4123
*Please call by intercom on the 8th floor when you come to the office.


  • 1-minute walk from Oedo Line, Hongo-sanchome Sta. 5th Exit.
  • 2-minute walk from Marunouchi Line, Hongo-sanchome Sta. 2nd Exit.
  • 12-minute walk from Chiyoda Line, Yushima Sta. 1st Exit.
  • 12-minute walk from Mita Line, Kasuga Sta. A2 Exit.
  • 12-minute walk from Namboku Line, Korakuen Sta. 6th Exit.


  • [上69], [都02], [茶51], [東43], Get off at Hongo-Sanchome-Eki
  • 学01 for the University of Tokyo. Get on at Ueno Sta. or Okachimachi Sta. Get off at Tatsuokamon.
  • 学07 for the University of Tokyo. Get on at Ochanomizu Sta. Get off at Tatsuokamon.